One Million Women Walking (1MWW) is a transformational health movement for women.


1MWW creates health through a whole Self philosophy.

In order to have life-changing, lifelong health you must care for your whole Self, not just your body. Your whole Self is your body, mind, and spirit. Walking is the best way to care for your whole Self.

Simply walking.
No gyms, no classes, no special equipment.
No guilt, no shame, no stress about when or where or how you're going to exercise. No wasted time, no wasted money.
Walking. Simply walking.

If you want a simple, highly effective, scientifically proven way to create true health for your whole Self, 1MWW is for you.

Join 1MWW and let's walk together.




Meet me, 1MWW founder Laura Boulay, and learn what 1MWW will do for you.

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