Holiday Stress

Tidings of Comfort and Joy!

The Holidays can be an incredibly beautiful, wonderful, joyful time and they can be an incredibly stressful, awful, heart-breaking time. Dickens comes to mind, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

For many of us, the Holidays are a mix of good and bad, happy and sad, stressful and peaceful. So to even things out, I’ve created a series of Facebook videos, Tidings of Comfort and Joy, which have quick tips on how to lower your stress, take care of yourSelf (body, mind, and spirit) and take care of your endless To Do List.

Research reveals that a whopping 69% of us are stressed at the holidays about not having enough time. And 69% of us are stressed about not having enough money while 51% of us are stressed about giving and getting gifts. So much stress!

It seemed to me that a few holiday stress hacks might come in handy. Jump over to the 1MWW Facebook page to check out my Tidings of Comfort and Joy, peek at some of my daily walks and while you’re there, join us on Facebook—we do have fun.

We all need some tidings of comfort and joy around the Holidays and I’m happy to jump in with my humble offerings. Happy Holidays!

PS. Here’s the first Tidings of Comfort and Joy video for you—enjoy!