National Women's Health Week

Some excellent news for us ladies! Mother’s Day was the kick-off of National Women’s Health Week (NWHW), which runs through May 14. The purpose of NWHW is to empower women to make their health a priority. The folks behind NWHW (the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health) want to help women understand the steps we can take to improve our health. Their suggestions are:

  • Have an annual well-woman visit.
  • Get active.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Be aware of your mental health--get enough sleep and manage stress.
  • Avoid unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, texting while driving, not wearing a seatbelt or bicycle helmet.

I’m all about all of these suggestions; and I know a single simple solution that takes care of them. Walking speaks to all of the NWHW steps suggested for women and our health.

Did you know that regular walking helps you to:

  • Be more active.
  • Eat better foods.
  • Improve your mood and memory.
  • Sleep better.
  • Lower stress.
  • Have more self esteem which leads to healthier behaviors.

The above facts and more are scientifically proven and can be found in our free report The Truth About Women Walking. I believe walking is the ultimate way for us to care for our health easily on a daily basis. Please download your copy of The Truth About Women Walking to learn more about what walking can do for you, starting today. After all, it’s National Women’s Health Week.