Seen on My Walk

This Day

Today, the day you have, is a good day to think of as this day. As in THIS DAY.

For instance, THIS DAY I will do one thing I’ve been putting off until SOME DAY.

By now most of us know that mythical SOME DAY will never come.

Unless we claim THIS DAY to be that SOME DAY.

And if one of the things you’ve been putting off is to go for a walk, today is the perfect day.

THIS DAY. The perfect day, not some day.


Your Opinion Please!

One of the most entertaining activities on the 1MWW public Facebook page is voting for the cover for the upcoming month. I create at least two potential Facebook page covers and ask fans to vote for their favorite.

The photos I use are ones I’ve taken in years past, but they all correspond with the month they represent. I decided to broaden the monthly decision making by posting the choices here as well. Once you’ve chosen your favorite, jump on over to 1MWW on Facebook and vote. And while you’re there, LIKE our page!

Here’s the two contenders for March, 2019. The first is a photo I took in March, 2014 of a late snow, which stunned just about everyone, including this redbud tree. The second photo was taken in March, 2013 on a Sunday drive through the country south of Nashville. In a beautiful twist of fate, this same drive with this view is one I take frequently as my horse is boarded at a barn just down the road.

MARCH, 2019.png
MARCH, 2019v3.png

There’s the back story on these two photos—the rest is up to you! Thanks for voting.

Seen on My Walk: Lake Tahoe!

It’s been 35+ years since I’ve been to Lake Tahoe and my memories from that time are vague at best. I recall Ponderosa pines, an enormous vibrant blue lake, big mountains, and some ski runs. Fast forward to early September of this year and I was wowed in the best way!

I was in Tahoe on a combined business/pleasure trip—more of an emphasis on pleasure truth be told. A wedding and the opportunity to spend time with old friends plus the incredible bonus of seeing my daughter took me from Nashville to Tahoe via Salt Lake City, Reno, and a little drive through Nevada. I am (and most likely always will be) amazed at how we can travel across this enormous country in a day. Incredible! Delta Airlines you were fantastic.

My time in Tahoe was too short but the time I had I spent wisely! The best hours were spent walking on the beach with two of my favorite people whom I love dearly and hadn’t seen in seven years! It may seem a small thing but in reality it’s a huge thing. Years from now I’ll remember the feeling of that walk—the joy in being with old friends, the awe I always feel in the presence of natural beauty, the coarse sand underfoot, the wonderful wind off the lake on a hot summer day, and the deliciously cold water. (Yes I did a bit of aggressive “wading”!)

What a wonderful experience to travel across the country, find old friends in a new(ish) place, and create a vital memory. Next time I’m in Tahoe—and there will be a next time—I’ll walk these memory miles with a smile on my face, joy in my heart and soul, and gratitude that something as simple as walking can be so profoundly powerful.

Walking makes life better—get your walk on!

P.S. I’ve shared more photos from my Lake Tahoe walk on the One Million Women Walking FB page. Jump on over and see if you recognize that handsome fellow next to me!