My Second Crazy Idea!

Walking literally saved my life during my darkest years. That experience was the pebble in the pond that led me to founding the 1MWW movement—my first crazy idea.

Now, as we enter a new year—2019—1MWW and I are on to the next chapter where my second crazy idea is being realized.

A recap:

Crazy idea #1: To inspire and empower 1,000,000 women to transform their lives by walking. An audacious goal and the mission of one million women walking.

This crazy idea begs the question, “HOW?”

Which in turn leads to . . .

Crazy idea #2: By creating the biggest virtual community of walking women on the planet. The topic of this post.

Crazy idea #2 rose up from my deep belief in women’s connectivity and caring—our unique feminine superpowers. When women deliberately connect to learn, experience, support, and share, we create community and transform ourSelves and our lives. That’s powerful. In fact there’s exponential power to be harnessed here!

Harnessing that power became the next step in my journey. I knew that combining women’s superpowers with the 1MWW mission would create an amazing women’s health movement and community—an ever expanding group of virtual walking partners. But where would we be located? How would we do it? What would it look like?

An excellent conundrum that I naturally took for a walk with a friend. Here’s what happened:

Last spring I was visiting Minnesota where I had lived for 25+ years. One of the great joys in going back is connecting with my old friends and getting caught up. Frequently this takes place on walks because we all love walking!

My friend and I were walking along the beautiful riverwalk in Stillwater, Minnesota and I was explaining my vision for 1MWW:

To create the biggest global community of walking women on the planet.

We talked about various ways to realize this vision and came to the conclusion that the 1MWW movement needed a virtual home where:

  • I could lead the movement.

  • I could share the 1MWW 3-Step Walking Practice.

  • Women could become members of the movement.

  • Members could connect with one another and get ongoing support from me—as needed.

  • I could get feedback from members on what was working, what wasn’t, and what they needed.

  • Members could share where they’re walking and how the 1MWW Practice is transforming their lives.

  • Members could invite their BFF’s, co-workers, sisters, aunts, daughters, mothers, neighbors etc to join the movement.

  • We could collectively establish 1MWW Chapters for members to walk together IRL.

As we were walking, my friend told me about Patreon, an easy membership site I had never heard of. To cut to the chase: that’s where we are! Patreon is the virtual home of the 1MWW movement. Membership is $1/month.

A movement is defined as, “When a population aligns with an idea and takes action on it.”

Thanks to a good walk with a good friend, the 1MWW movement now has a home where walking women can align with the 1MWW idea, take action, and transform their health and their lives.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again many times, walking works!

P.S. Here’s some action you can take to get walking working in your life today:

  • Join the 1MWW Movement on Patreon.

  • Connect with me if you have questions about Patreon, 1MWW, or speaking to your group.

  • If you want to form a 1MWW Chapter at work, for your bookclub, for your professional group, for your women’s church group, contact me and I’ll share the simple 1MWW Chapter Guidelines with you. (All members of your Chapter must be members of 1MWW on Patreon.)