Meet Your New BFF!

What if you had a very special best friend, a friend who made you feel better whenever you spent time together? A friend who helped you problem solve, improve your relationships, boosted your self-esteem, helped you lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers and that same friend always helped you save time and money? Pretty great friend I’d say. But that special friend doesn’t stop caring for you after all that, no, this friend does even more for you!

This friend reduces your risk of dementia, boosts your mood and energy level and adds up to seven years to your life–every time you are together! Now that’s an incredible friend–that’s a BFF who is looking out for you in every area of your life. A life-changing friend. A life-saving friend. A friend you definitely want in your life.

The great news is that you have that BFF starting today!

That friend is a 25 minute daily walk.

The best way to have that friend in your life is to find a favorite walking spot and walk there–every day. Rain or shine, snow or sun, winter or summer. (Make exceptions for life-threatening weather but otherwise, get your walk on.)

I am an addicted daily walker. I walk regardless of–well everything. Walking is my BFF every single day of my life. In bad weather, and it has to be truly, truly bad, I will walk indoors. But my preferred walking spots are outside in the elements connecting to the big world around me.

Here’s the bonus of walking outside: research has shown that “green exercise” increases physical activity levels (with lower levels of perceived exertion by the way), reduces stress and mental fatigue, and improves mood and self-esteem. This is why I’m a huge advocate for finding a favorite walking spot outside.

Your spot could be in the downtown area where you work, on the campus where you go to school, in the park just down the street from your house. Decide to be curious and take some time to explore the walking spots that are on your daily route, are easily accessible, and that are safe and beautiful. It doesn’t matter where your walking spot is, what matters is that you have one and that you use it. By taking your new BFF to your walking spot on a daily basis, you create a go-to favorite activity and experience that’s a known commodity. With just a little effort and curiosity you’ll have a new BFF who will never ever ever let you down. And that’s a great thing to have! Best friends are the best!