The Defiance Fuel Story, Part II


In Part I of this blog post I shared the story of how Defiance Fuel was developed by Dr Lee Lorenzen in response to his wife’s devastating illness. Here in Part II I’ll be sharing my personal experience with taking the Defiance Fuel 30 Day Challenge.
The Defiance Fuel 30 Day Challenge is simply this: drink two 1-liter bottles of Defiance Fuel every day for a month. I did just that and am blown away with my results. I’ll get to those results in just a moment but first I want to explain what Defiance Fuel does.
Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. Our human bodies are composed of trillions of cells. Our cells provide structure for our bodies. They take in nutrients from food, convert those nutrients into energy, and carry out many specialized functions. Defiance Fuel’s patented Cellular Hydrating Processing (CHP) is a process that creates an environment where our cells–our basic building blocks–are hydrated very effectively. So what does that feel and look like?
It feels and looks fantastic!
After drinking Defiance Fuel for just two weeks, I realized my workout recovery time was much shorter. I also had increased stamina and strength during my workouts. My workouts are daily walking for cardio and, three days per week, I add upper and lower body strengthening with weight machines. I also noticed that my lower back pain–caused by an unscheduled dismount off my horse eight years ago–was gone. And my knees, damaged by years of serious ballet, no longer felt stiff and unreliable. These were big game changers for me but then more amazing shifts started taking place as I continued the Defiance Fuel 30 Day Challenge.
I’ve never had great skin. I had terrible acne as a teen which was compounded by a late-in-life and very severe case of chicken pox that left numerous scars. Fast forward 40+ years to the onset of menopause and my skin was showing its age and damage. However after a little over a month of drinking Defiance Fuel, I started getting compliments on my skin from friends and family. I was asked what topical products I was using because my skin appeared so smooth and supple and yes indeed, radiant. My skin?! Seriously?!
The final shift I want to share with you that really has made an enormous difference in my life is what I’ve experienced with my eyes. I’ve worn bi-focal contacts for five years. As a photographer my contacts allow me to use my camera with the familiarity and ease I knew before my vision changed due to age. Unfortunately for the past two years I’ve been unable to wear my contacts all day long because of my eyes being too dry–another change due to aging. After a few hours of wearing contacts my eyes would feel like the Sahara Desert and my contacts had to come out. In order to take photos I would struggle with fitting my camera’s view finder to my “cheater readers” which often resulted in bruises on my forehead and disappointingly blurry pictures. After two months of drinking Defiance Fuel daily, I can wear my contacts comfortably ALL DAY LONG. I can grab my camera and go whenever an incredible moment presents itself. I’m free to capture my vision again and that freedom is wonderful!
I had no idea true hydration looks and feels so fantastic. Needless to say I’m a Defiance Fuel advocate in a large way. Drinking Defiance Fuel has allowed me to overcome many of the limitations I thought were simply “givens” associated with aging. I’m thrilled to report they are not.
I invite you to take the Defiance Fuel 30 Day Challenge and defy your own “limitations”.
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Take the 30 Day Challenge, defy your limitations and change your life because you deserve to look and feel your best!