"I Know I Should Be Walking But . . ."

Does it sound familiar, “I know I should be walking but . . .”?

If your answer is yes, you’re in excellent company! So many women, just like you, know they need to walk but haven’t started--yet. Why not? Most likely for the simplest of reasons: Where to start?

If you want to start walking, you’re probably well aware of the health benefits of walking or it could be that your health care provider has prescribed walking for you. (Walking is the number one doctor prescribed exercise!) Whatever your reason for wanting to walk, figuring out how to fit a walk into your too-busy days can be absolutely overwhelming.

The basics of walking might be putting one foot in front of the other, but why and where and when you walk are either your stumbling blocks or your success steps. Having a plan to start walking is critical to overcoming your stumbling blocks. And having a plan is a sure-fire way to ensure success.

A good plan covers the basics--why, where, when, and gets you going right away. And a good plan gives you a little added oomph to keep walking if the going gets tough. So today let’s create a basic plan to get you started! But first, I want you to understand that the biggest hurdle is behind you--you know you want to walk for exercise! Congratulations--you know what you want! That clarity is going to be the fuel that carries you to success so let’s get going!

Your plan needs to be personal, very true to you. I deeply believe the best solutions come from asking the right questions, so I’m going to ask you four questions. Your answers will be the foundation of your plan.  Grab a piece of paper and something to write with and just jot down the answers as they come to you! Here we go!

1. Why do you want to walk? Science shows that when you attach your personal reasons and values to a goal you want to achieve, like walking, you are much more likely to succeed. Make a list of all the reasons you want to walk and keep it somewhere you’ll see it every day.
2. Where do you want to walk? Sleuth out both an indoor route and an outdoor route that are easily accessible to wherever you spend the most time--the office, at home, at school etc. Having “go-to” walking routes takes the guess work and uncertainty out of where you’ll walk on a daily basis.
3. Who do you want to walk with? We are much more likely to accomplish goals when we're accountable to someone or something other than just ourselves. To create accountability, you need to count on someone who, in turn, is counting on you. You need walking partners! Ask your family, friends, and co-workers to walk with you and commit to a walking plan. This is THE key to your success. When someone is counting on you, you will show up--it’s that simple!
4. Who do you want to support you in walking? So many of our best intentions never arrive at the status of achieved goals. One reason for this is lack of support from the people around us. So surround yourself with a network of truly supportive people. Tell your family, friends, co-workers, and social media groups what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. You’ll be surprised how many of them are inspired by your focus and commitment. These are the people who will become your cheerleaders and your source of ongoing support.

Once you’ve answered these four questions you have your basic plan in place. As extra support I’ve created a FREE REPORT: Four Simple Success Steps To Start Walking Today. Get your copy by clicking the button below. In this report I share the exact four steps you need to become a daily walker. (Hint--they’re all absolutely free, they’re all scientifically proven, and they sound “suspiciously” like the questions you just answered!) These four steps are the heartbeat of every One Million Women Walking Program and provide you a foundation to become the walking woman you want to be.

When you have these steps in place, your walking life will take on a life of its own and become a life-long habit. You’ll turn, “I know I should be walking,” into, “I am walking!” Congratulations walking woman--you’re on your way!