The Truth About Women Walking, Part II

In Part I of The Truth About Women Walking we looked at Ten Powerful Health Benefits of women walking. The truth is that a regular walking habit addresses some of the most prevalent and deadly health problems we women face today--doctors are finding that the simple act of walking is a big-time game changer.

However, my goal is for women to not only live happier, healthier, longer lives but for us to live truly fulfilling lives as well. And why is that? Because simply put, if more women were living happier, healthier, longer, fulfilling lives we’d change the world. (That’s why I founded One Million Women Walking!!) For this reason, I’m passionate about women walking not only for the wonderful health benefits we realize when we walk but also because of the profound quality of life benefits that walking can bring to our whole selves and lives. In today’s post we’ll look at Ten Compelling Quality of Life Benefits of Women Walking.

Keep in mind all of the powerful health benefits listed in Part I plus . . .

1) TIME SAVING! Walking is a huge time saver because it’s immediate--just walk out the door. (Or, if the weather is daunting, walk inside.) The beauty of walking is we can do it today--right now--no matter where we are.

2) MONEY SAVING! Walking is free. There’s no special gear or gym membership necessary to begin renewing ourselves and transforming our lives by walking.

3) INCREASED CREATIVITY! Walking increases creativity. Our creative juices flow more readily when walking than when sitting.

4) BETTER RELATIONSHIPS! Walking with a companion (a significant other, BFF, a co-worker or furry friend) creates a shared experience that can lead to richer, more open relationships.

5) IMPROVED SELF ESTEEM! The overall feeling of well being that results from walking leads naturally to an enhanced sense of self esteem!

6) PEACE OF MIND! A daily walk creates a “time out” that can help us overcome the “overwhelm” of life. Walking calms and centers.

7) GREATER AWARENESS! A walking practice that engages our senses creates a greater sense of self awareness and connects us to the world around us.

8) ENHANCED INTUITION! Walking is a way to tap our deep wisdom and allow that wisdom to rise to the conscious level. Walking is a moving meditation, but it is also a physical method of unlocking the doors to our “knowing”.

9) PROBLEM SOLVING! Walking is a proven method of problem solving. Walking can allow the subconscious to become conscious, providing solutions that we may not have previously recognized. As the Latin phrase “solvitur ambulando” states,“it is solved by walking.”

10) OUR LIFE VISIONS! We all have dreams inside us that yearn to be realized. Walking creates an internal conversation between our dreams and the potential for realizing those dreams. Walking gives dreams the opportunity to be heard, seen and felt--the first steps toward making our dreams into our reality.

My own dream is a world where we women are pursuing our dreams actively, daily, with intent and love. But, in order to pursue our dreams and create that truly fulfilling life, we need time and energy which means we must truly care for ourselves and our lives. And at the same time we must care for the choices we’ve made in our lives: children, careers, spouses or significant others, care- giving for parents, volunteering, home owning etc. Our all-important self care needs to fit seamlessly into the lives we’ve created. That’s where walking come in! Walking is the ultimate multi-tasking solution for women who want to live happier, healthier, longer more fulfilling lives!