The Best Way To Become A Walking Woman: Walk For Someone Else

Let’s get real ladies, we know we SHOULD be exercising and we know that walking is a free, immediate, highly effective form of exercise. But knowing that we SHOULD walk just doesn’t get us out the door does it? And the truth is, it never will.

Here’s what will though--walking for someone else. Picture this scenario: you and your best friend meet for coffee and she is obviously worried about something. She tells you she’s just come from a doctor’s appointment. To her surprise she’s gained 12 pounds since her last doctor’s visit. Then she learned her blood pressure is up and so is her bad cholesterol. She also learned she’s at risk for developing certain cancers and type 2 diabetes. Her doctor emphatically told her that daily walking would lower her risk factors as well as her blood pressure and bad cholesterol and help her take off those extra pounds that crept on.

She says to you, “I know I should walk but I just can’t seem to get motivated. And when I do walk I don’t stick with it like I should. But I’m really scared about my health. Can you help me? Will you be my walking partner?”

Well OF COURSE you will! What we won’t do for ourselves we’ll do for a friend in a heartbeat. That’s because we’re wired to nurture and care for others. And that’s a good thing--no, a great thing! Take that nurturing instinct and become a walking partner for someone in your life. And here’s the bonus: being their walking partner means that you’re out walking too.

Share your health concerns with your walking partner and tell her why you need to walk.  Then ask for her support in walking for you and your health. By doing this simple step, we take our natural nurturing and make it our ally--in a huge way. Schedule your walking routes and times then make a commitment to show up and walk together, for one another.

I can guarantee you’ll have days when it’s really hard to honor that commitment. But when you know that your walking partner is counting on you and needs you to show up for her health and quality of life, you’ll get out that door. Hold each other accountable, measure your progress, and make sure you celebrate your success. By walking for someone else, your success is right around the corner.