A Pedestrian Revolution

I’m frequently asked why I’m so passionate about walking and especially walking for women. My answer is a very simple equation: daily walking = a happy, healthy, long life.
The next question I’m frequently asked is why I want women living happy, healthy, long lives. My answer is again a very simple equation: more women living happy, healthy, long lives = a force that will change the world for the better!
You see I deeply believe in women and our life visions, our dreams. My own dream is a world where all women are pursuing their dreams actively, daily, with intent and love. But, in order to pursue our dreams and create that truly fulfilling life, we need time and energy which means we must truly care for ourselves and our lives. And at the same time we must care for the choices we’ve made in our lives: children, careers, spouses or significant others, care-giving for parents, volunteering, home owning etc. Our all-important self care needs to fit seamlessly into the lives we’ve created. That’s where walking comes in! Walking is the ultimate multi-tasking solution for women who want to live happier, healthier, longer more fulfilling lives.
So now we’ve come full circle. But many women, in fact most women, don’t realize what walking can do. That’s why I wrote The Truth About Women Walking--to share the transformational power of walking with you. Get your free copy right now!
We’ve all heard the phrase, “Knowledge is power.” Now that you know The Truth About Women Walking, you’re much more empowered. But I don’t want to just dispel misconceptions about walking, I want to inspire women to walk. Because walking works! In this country we have this notion that “real” exercise means yoga or Pilates or hot boxing or running and that the goal of “real” exercise is to look like a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, hopefully overnight. Well if that’s the goal of “real” exercise, we’re all doomed to failure. In fact those notions set us up to fail before we’ve even started. Yet so many of us know we should be exercising. We might have been told to exercise by our health care practitioner. We might be at risk for type 2 diabetes or asthma or even cancer. We might be depressed or loosing sleep or stressed out or gaining weight. And honestly the worst part of any of these conditions is the guilt and shame we feel about not exercising when we know we should. Walking addresses all of those health issues and more and gets rid of the toxic shame we feel from not exercising. No gyms, no special equipment, no big investment and it only takes 25 minutes of walking a day to be “real” exercise!
Now you see why I’m such a huge walking advocate and why I founded One Million Women Walking. Ladies we can do this, we must do this--for ourselves and our loved ones and our oh so precious dreams. Please join us here at 1MWW and let’s start a pedestrian revolution. One simple walk at a time.