A Favorite Walk

I am an addicted daily walker. I walk regardless of--well everything. Walking is my moving sanctuary, my think tank, my stress reliever and my problem solving time. In bad weather, and it has to be truly, truly bad, I will walk indoors. But my preferred walking spots are outside in the elements connecting to the big world around me. It’s here that I find the deep solace and renewal I crave.
Research has shown that “green exercise” increases physical activity levels (with lower levels of perceived exertion by the way), reduces stress and mental fatigue, and improves mood and self-esteem. This means go for a walk outside as often as you can. One of my favorite walking spots here in Nashville is Radnor Lake. Radnor Lake is a 1,300+ acre State Natural Area with over 6 miles of walking trails. I have several walking routes based on the time I’ve made for the day’s walk. One of my favorite walks is to combine the Lake Trail with the South Lake Trail, thus walking all the way around the lake. It’s a walk of about 2.5 miles with stunning views and lots of wildlife. The Lake Trail is mulch and the South Lake Trail is paved. Both are easy to walk and a delight on all levels. When I have less time for my daily walk I walk just the South Lake Trail from the west parking lot to the east parking lot and back. That’s about a 2 mile walk, on pavement. The average walking speed for humans is 3.1 mph but a brisk walk is faster--4 mph and up. A brisk walk increases cardiovascular activity, which in turn confers great health and quality of life benefits. Read about those benefits in my free report, The Truth About Women Walking. Oh and here’s today’s super geeky walking factoid--champion racewalkers can average more than 8.7 mph!! That’s a very brisk walk indeed!
As you become a walking woman, keep an eye out for green exercise opportunities that fit easily into your daily schedule. A city park, a sidewalk in your neighborhood, the ball field at your child’s school. And take some time to explore the places that you know of that you’re going to get to “some day”. Today is your some day and your favorite walk might just be around the corner, waiting to be discovered.