How do I join One Million Women Walking?

Nothing could be easier! Click the button below and you’ll be whisked away to our member sign-up. Fill out your member info, pay your first month’s membership and you’re done. Next month’s membership will be charged to your credit card automatically. You’ll receive a welcome email from me with the link to our closed Facebook group where I lead the movement. You can cancel your membership at any time. Membership is only $1/month. (Yes, you read that correctly!)

I can’t wait to walk with you!


$1 per month, really?

Yes. I believe the 1MWW membership needs to be in keeping with the cost of our fundamental activity, walking, which is free. So $1/month struck me as being truthful and meaningful.

What is the 1MWW 3-Step Practice?

It’s the action you take to incorporate walking into your life. I developed the 3-Step Practice with your needs in my heart and mind. My criteria for the Practice was that it had to be simple, doable, and highly effective—something you could look at, understand, and put into action in a matter of minutes. Women are too busy, too overwhelmed with our TO DO lists to add anything complicated or time consuming to our lives—no matter how beneficial it may be. The 1MWW 3-Step Practice is understandable, immediate, and achievable. Here it is:

  • Step 1: Move More Throughout Your Day

  • Step 2: Take a Brisk Daily Walk

  • Step 3: Your Superpower (aka Your Caring)

Join us to discover how the-3 Steps work synergistically to transform your Self and your life.

Will you speak at my women's book club?
Will you speak at my women’s church group?
Will you speak at my women’s business group?
Will you speak at my company’s Lunch & Learn?

Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes. Click here to see my SPEAKING topics. Then EMAIL ME for additional information. Thank you!

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What's with the photos on this page?

Thought you'd NEVER ask! That's my soapbox. You know, in case I feel like talking about walking.