One Million Women Walking is a transformational health movement for women. 1MWW helps you get the daily exercise you want so you can have the life-changing, lifelong health you deserve.

1MWW provides a much needed alternative to the mainstream offerings of the health and wellness industry, many of which are not meeting women’s needs or fulfilling our desires.

1MWW’s whole Self philosophy gives women a way to nurture body, mind, and spirit in a loving community of like-minded, like-hearted women where they find accountability and true support. For a membership fee of $1 per month women join 1MWW, follow our simple 3-Step Practice, and transform their health and their lives.

the backstory:

I started 1MWW after walking literally saved my life. That profound experience led me to learn how and why daily walking transforms our bodies, minds, spirits, and ultimately our lives. As I began to fully realize the transformational power of walking, I also realized I was called to share it with every woman I could.

vision & mission:

My vision for 1MWW is to create the biggest virtual community of walking women in the world. To realize that vision, I set the audacious goal of inspiring and empowering one million women to transform their lives by simply walking. The 1MWW mission is to make walking the go-to way we women care for our Selves.

I walk: I prefer walking.
— Jane Austen


I founded the 1MWW movement because:

  • 80% of us aren’t getting enough exercise for optimal health.

  • Despite every imaginable workout in the world at our fingertips, our health and wellness needs are not being met.

  • We feel underrepresented and underserved in the health and wellness industry.

  • We don’t have the time to workout.

  • Much of the messaging in the health and wellness industry is inherently shaming and blaming for us.

  • We want accountability and support without competition.

  • We have the power to create health for ourSelves.

  • Walking is scientifically proven to create whole Self (body/mind/spirit) health.

  • What we do to create health must nurture our whole Self (body/mind/spirit) in order to be sustainable.

  • Walking works wonders, especially for us.


The solution to our health and wellness challenges needs to be simple, doable, and highly effective and it needs to be immediate—something we can do right now that makes a difference right now. I designed 1MWW to do just that. Here’s how to start transforming yourSelf and your life:

  • Become a member of the 1MWW movement.

  • Join our caring community of like-minded, like-hearted women.

  • Follow the 1MWW 3-Step Practice.

  • Discover loving accountability and true support.

  • Transform yourSelf and your life.

Come walk with me! I created the 1MWW movement just for you.


Movement: When a population aligns with an idea and takes action on it.

The 1MWW movement is founded in the innate power of women connecting. My vision for 1MWW is to create the biggest virtual community of walking women on the planet. When women deliberately connect to learn, experience, support, share, and be accountable, we create community and transform ourSelves and our lives. That’s powerful.

We can’t all walk together in real life but we can walk together virtually in our caring community, which is our members-only Facebook group.

As we walk together, our community transforms lives--regardless of where we live or work, our lifestyle or life-stage. By walking, more and more women will be living happy, healthy, long, fulfilling lives. Simply put, we’ll become a force that changes the world. Walking allows us to care for our Selves deeply, meaningfully, and easily, live the lives we deserve, and fulfill our dreams. That’s what I want for you, for me, for every woman on the planet.

And speaking of changing the world, your $1/month membership, like walking itself, has exponential power far beyond face value. A percentage of 1MWW’s annual post-tax profits are donated to:

  • Women’s organizations fighting: sex trafficking, poverty, addiction, and abuse.

  • Walking education and advocacy organizations.

  • Organizations that protect and preserve the wonderful places we get to walk.

In this way your walking counts not only for yourSelf and the 1MWW community, but for a bigger vision that needs your help. In this way, we keep the good we do going and growing.

Join the movement and become a 1MWW member today. Membership is $1/month.

I can’t wait to walk with you!