One Million Women Walking inspires and empowers you to care for your whole Self (body/mind/spirit) deeply and meaningfully by simply walking.


To inspire and empower one million women to transform their lives by simply walking.


Walking is the ultimate way to care for ourSelves every day.


Come walk with us!

I walk: I prefer walking.
— Jane Austen

Here's how we fulfill the 1MWW mission:

Truth Cover2.png


I wrote The Truth About Women Walking to share the transformational power of walking with you. My goal is to get The Truth into your hands and the hands of every woman on the planet--it’s that important. Why? Because walking will transform your life and walking can save your life. That’s important to me, to you, to all of us. Get your copy now, get empowered (and blown away) and then share The Truth About Women Walking with every single woman you know! The more women who know the truth, the better off we'll all be.



Work with me if:

  • You don't have time to workout.
  • You hate working out.
  • You can't stand the gym.
  • You put on 5 pounds last year (and the year before).
  • You want a flatter stomach and a tighter butt.
  • You don't like the way you look and feel.
  • You beat yourself up for the way you look and feel.
  • You hate the way your clothes fit.

I created the 1MWW Programs just for you.



The 1MWW Facebook page and blog, Solvitur Ambulando, (which means “It is solved by walking”) are where you’ll find the 1MWW community talking our walk. This is where we support one another by sharing our stories, our favorite places to walk, our speed bumps and successes. We're a community of women transforming our lives together--regardless of where we live or work, our lifestyle or life-stage. Please join us for inspiration, information, motivation and a whole lotta laughter. This is where the 1MWW movement gains momentum, I can’t wait to walk with you!