My Question For You

It’s mid-April ladies and I’m wondering--are you beating yourself up because you haven’t lost the weight, gotten in shape, and dropped 2 sizes like you resolved to back in January? Are you in the same old self-defeating cycle? Are you feeling hopeless? Please--don’t give up--come walk with me!

Science has proven you can lose the weight, get in shape, and feel great about yourself--all by simply walking.

And I’ve created the best walking program in the world just for women:


Walk on the Wild Side is unlike any other fitness plan--it’s the best walking program in the world just for women. This program combines the latest science on walking and achieving goals with feedback from women on what they want in a fitness plan and adds caring, support, and community. That’s our unique formula for success.

Science + what you want + caring community = you looking & feeling exactly how you want to look & feel! 

Walk on the Wild Side has four components:

  • The Walk on the Wild Side Planner
  • Walk on the Wild Side Video Lessons
  • Support from me--1MWW founder Laura Boulay--your walking partner and coach.
  • Community, camaraderie, caring, and connection with other women in the program on our private Facebook page.

Here’s how Walk on the Wild Side works:
1. Read through a step in the Planner.
Set aside a few minutes each day to complete a new step (each step takes 15 minutes or less).
Watch the corresponding video.
2. Watch the video lesson for each step, in which I share tips, suggestions, and stories relating to each step. (All Video Lessons are on our invitation-only Facebook page.)
3. Write down your responses in the Transformation Spaces in your Planner.
In your Planner you’ll find journal pages where you’ll write down your thoughts and insights about each Step and Video Lesson. Your responses build the walking plan that will transform your life!
4. Experience community, connection, caring, encouragement, and ongoing support as a member of our private Walking Women Facebook group.
You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group, Walking Women, where you’ll get support from me. You’ll also connect with other women walking on the wild side! Share your experiences with each Step, ask questions, get supported, and feel inspired as you walk your way to the life of your dreams--you’re never walking alone!

Walk on the Wild Side has seven steps you work through at your own pace. As you’re working through the steps you’ll begin your transformational walking program--66 days of daily walking.

You can pre-order Walk on the Wild Side through the One Million Women Walking iFundWomen campaign. During our campaign Walk on the Wild Side is priced at just $77. (Less than two months of a gym membership!) Learn more here:

So, if you answered YES to my question, and you’re ready to break the cycle of self-loathing and begin living the happy, healthy long life you deserve, get Walk on the Wild Side today. I can’t wait to walk with you.

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