May Is Women's Health Month!

May is our month ladies--Women’s Health Month. And May 14 to 21 is National Women’s Health Week. So let’s make this month our very best and really focus on ourselves and our health. Here’s two tiny tweaks that will add up to big health changes when you do them every day!

Tweak #1
Walk! My number one piece of health advice for all women--WALK!

A 25 minute brisk daily walk can add up to seven years to your life! And that’s just the beginning of what walking can do for you! Walking is the ultimate all-in-one multi-tasking miracle for women. In fact, a recent study done in Australia reported that staying physically active is far more likely to determine a woman’s future risk of heart disease than other well-known factors including smoking, obesity, and high blood pressure. Walking takes care of our whole Self--body/mind/spirit like no other exercise.

Starting right now add more walking to your day and you’ll reap the benefits for years to come! Here’s some tips on how to work walking into your day every day.

How To Work Walking Into Your Day Every Day.jpg

Tweak #2
Drink Water! I cannot say enough about drinking water.

Your body is 60-70% water. You can do the math and figure out how many pounds/gallons of water you’re carrying in your body mass--it’ll blow your mind.

I carry nine gallons of water. Thank heavens it’s distributed throughout my body! I can’t quite fathom hauling nine gallon jugs of water around with me every day.

Here’s why drinking water is so important: according to Brian Richter, Chief Scientist for the Global Water Program of The Nature Conservancy, “With a deficit of as little as one quart you’re likely going to start losing some cognitive function, alertness, and ability to concentrate. If you lose a gallon you’ll start feeling pretty lethargic, and you’ll likely have a bad headache. If you’re down two gallons you’re going to be sick enough to be in the hospital. Three gallons and you’re in the morgue.

Now consider that during a normal day we breathe, urinate, and sweat out about three quarts of water. We could easily be in the zone between some loss of cognitive function and bad headache. Not fun. That mid-to-late afternoon headache you get on a daily basis? Guess what--it’s dehydration. Continuously replenishing your body’s water is the key to staying hydrated and hydration=health.

So for Women’s Health Month, put away the sodas and drink water. And if you want to really hydrate, drink the best water on the planet, Defiance Fuel. (Look for a detailed post on Defiance Fuel soon!)

So there’s my two tweaks to turn May into your healthiest month ever.

Walking + Drinking Water = A Happy, Healthy, Long Life. And that’s what I want for you!

Happy Women’s Health Month!


My Question For You

It’s mid-April ladies and I’m wondering--are you beating yourself up because you haven’t lost the weight, gotten in shape, and dropped 2 sizes like you resolved to back in January? Are you in the same old self-defeating cycle? Are you feeling hopeless? Please--don’t give up--come walk with me!

Science has proven you can lose the weight, get in shape, and feel great about yourself--all by simply walking.

And I’ve created the best walking program in the world just for women:


Walk on the Wild Side is unlike any other fitness plan--it’s the best walking program in the world just for women. This program combines the latest science on walking and achieving goals with feedback from women on what they want in a fitness plan and adds caring, support, and community. That’s our unique formula for success.

Science + what you want + caring community = you looking & feeling exactly how you want to look & feel! 

Walk on the Wild Side has four components:

  • The Walk on the Wild Side Planner
  • Walk on the Wild Side Video Lessons
  • Support from me--1MWW founder Laura Boulay--your walking partner and coach.
  • Community, camaraderie, caring, and connection with other women in the program on our private Facebook page.

Here’s how Walk on the Wild Side works:
1. Read through a step in the Planner.
Set aside a few minutes each day to complete a new step (each step takes 15 minutes or less).
Watch the corresponding video.
2. Watch the video lesson for each step, in which I share tips, suggestions, and stories relating to each step. (All Video Lessons are on our invitation-only Facebook page.)
3. Write down your responses in the Transformation Spaces in your Planner.
In your Planner you’ll find journal pages where you’ll write down your thoughts and insights about each Step and Video Lesson. Your responses build the walking plan that will transform your life!
4. Experience community, connection, caring, encouragement, and ongoing support as a member of our private Walking Women Facebook group.
You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group, Walking Women, where you’ll get support from me. You’ll also connect with other women walking on the wild side! Share your experiences with each Step, ask questions, get supported, and feel inspired as you walk your way to the life of your dreams--you’re never walking alone!

Walk on the Wild Side has seven steps you work through at your own pace. As you’re working through the steps you’ll begin your transformational walking program--66 days of daily walking.

You can pre-order Walk on the Wild Side through the One Million Women Walking iFundWomen campaign. During our campaign Walk on the Wild Side is priced at just $77. (Less than two months of a gym membership!) Learn more here:

So, if you answered YES to my question, and you’re ready to break the cycle of self-loathing and begin living the happy, healthy long life you deserve, get Walk on the Wild Side today. I can’t wait to walk with you.

For a deep dive/sneak peek into Walk on the Wild Side, click the button below. You'll learn why this is the best walking program in the world for women and you'll experience Step One of the Walk on the Wild Side program.

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I'm so grateful for this initiative and platform, which give me an incredible opportunity to share the life-changing benefits of walking with women here in Nashville and nationwide.

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That’s it. Thank you! I can’t wait to walk with you.

"I Know I Should Be Walking But . . ."

Does it sound familiar, “I know I should be walking but . . .”?

If your answer is yes, you’re in excellent company! So many women, just like you, know they need to walk but haven’t started--yet. Why not? Most likely for the simplest of reasons: Where to start?

If you want to start walking, you’re probably well aware of the health benefits of walking or it could be that your health care provider has prescribed walking for you. (Walking is the number one doctor prescribed exercise!) Whatever your reason for wanting to walk, figuring out how to fit a walk into your too-busy days can be absolutely overwhelming.

The basics of walking might be putting one foot in front of the other, but why and where and when you walk are either your stumbling blocks or your success steps. Having a plan to start walking is critical to overcoming your stumbling blocks. And having a plan is a sure-fire way to ensure success.

A good plan covers the basics--why, where, when, and gets you going right away. And a good plan gives you a little added oomph to keep walking if the going gets tough. So today let’s create a basic plan to get you started! But first, I want you to understand that the biggest hurdle is behind you--you know you want to walk for exercise! Congratulations--you know what you want! That clarity is going to be the fuel that carries you to success so let’s get going!

Your plan needs to be personal, very true to you. I deeply believe the best solutions come from asking the right questions, so I’m going to ask you four questions. Your answers will be the foundation of your plan.  Grab a piece of paper and something to write with and just jot down the answers as they come to you! Here we go!

1. Why do you want to walk? Science shows that when you attach your personal reasons and values to a goal you want to achieve, like walking, you are much more likely to succeed. Make a list of all the reasons you want to walk and keep it somewhere you’ll see it every day.
2. Where do you want to walk? Sleuth out both an indoor route and an outdoor route that are easily accessible to wherever you spend the most time--the office, at home, at school etc. Having “go-to” walking routes takes the guess work and uncertainty out of where you’ll walk on a daily basis.
3. Who do you want to walk with? We are much more likely to accomplish goals when we're accountable to someone or something other than just ourselves. To create accountability, you need to count on someone who, in turn, is counting on you. You need walking partners! Ask your family, friends, and co-workers to walk with you and commit to a walking plan. This is THE key to your success. When someone is counting on you, you will show up--it’s that simple!
4. Who do you want to support you in walking? So many of our best intentions never arrive at the status of achieved goals. One reason for this is lack of support from the people around us. So surround yourself with a network of truly supportive people. Tell your family, friends, co-workers, and social media groups what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. You’ll be surprised how many of them are inspired by your focus and commitment. These are the people who will become your cheerleaders and your source of ongoing support.

Once you’ve answered these four questions you have your basic plan in place. As extra support I’ve created a FREE REPORT: Four Simple Success Steps To Start Walking Today. Get your copy by clicking the button below. In this report I share the exact four steps you need to become a daily walker. (Hint--they’re all absolutely free, they’re all scientifically proven, and they sound “suspiciously” like the questions you just answered!) These four steps are the heartbeat of every One Million Women Walking Program and provide you a foundation to become the walking woman you want to be.

When you have these steps in place, your walking life will take on a life of its own and become a life-long habit. You’ll turn, “I know I should be walking,” into, “I am walking!” Congratulations walking woman--you’re on your way!

"Will Walking Work For Me?"

“Will walking work for me?”

Ladies, this is the question I’m asked the most, which means you’re in excellent company! The answer is YES!  As long as you are healthy enough to walk, walking will work for you.

You know, I understand your question completely. Before my life crisis I had always enjoyed walking but I believed I needed to belong to a gym and be taking challenging fitness classes in order to be truly healthy. After becoming a daily walker I realized I was in excellent shape, had great stamina and tons of energy, plus I was happier. (Happier was amazing for me because I’ve suffered from clinical depression for much of my adult life.)

In the past few years doctors and researchers worldwide have published numerous reports on the benefits of walking. The truth is that a regular walking habit addresses some of the most prevalent and deadly health problems we women face today. Doctors have found that the simple act of walking is a big-time game changer for us.

But let’s get to what a lot of us really, truly want: to lose weight and feel good about how we look. To like the woman we see in the mirror, maybe even love her. If this is what you want, walking will work for you--if you give it the time, energy, and commitment required. I’m not going to lie to you and say that walking is a quick fix--it’s not. Reports have shown that establishing a new habit takes 66 days so you’ve got to be willing to give walking a chance. Changing your body is entirely possible, losing weight is entirely possible, feeling better about yourself is entirely possible. We just need to enter that realm of possibility and make the shifts required to achieve our goals.

Shift #1: Acknowledge that change takes time.

So let’s be realistic about our time! Many of us are maxed out on time (and money and energy). We need a simple, time and cost effective way to exercise that fits our crazy lives just as they are right now.  We need to enter the realm of possibility that a solution is at hand--we simply need to shift what we are doing with the time we have!

Shift #2: Change what we’re doing with the time we have.

Here’s three quick changes that will have you on your way to loving the woman in the mirror:

  1. Stand more than you sit. (Sitting is literally killing us. Sixty-six days of standing more than sitting will work wonders!)
  2. Walk as much as you possibly can throughout your day. (Those cliches you’ve heard about adding steps to your day are absolutely true: park your car in the farthest spot in the lot and take the stairs vs the elevator. Do this for 66 days and you will see and feel a difference!)
  3. Go for a 25 minute brisk walk every day after lunch. (Shift your lunch “hour” to 30 minutes and give yourself the exercise your body, mind and spirit deserve by going for a brisk walk. 66 days of walking at lunch will change your life in ways you simply can’t imagine.)

Walking will work for you. Walking will help you lose weight, get in shape, feel better about yourself, improve your mood, increase your creativity, lower your stress and so much more. But like everything else in life, you have to DO IT to realize the benefits. We can’t think our way to our goals or wish our way to our goals. However, we can WALK OUR WAY TO OUR GOALS. Walking works!

The Truth About Women Walking, Part II

In Part I of The Truth About Women Walking we looked at Ten Powerful Health Benefits of women walking. The truth is that a regular walking habit addresses some of the most prevalent and deadly health problems we women face today--doctors are finding that the simple act of walking is a big-time game changer.

However, my goal is for women to not only live happier, healthier, longer lives but for us to live truly fulfilling lives as well. And why is that? Because simply put, if more women were living happier, healthier, longer, fulfilling lives we’d change the world. (That’s why I founded One Million Women Walking!!) For this reason, I’m passionate about women walking not only for the wonderful health benefits we realize when we walk but also because of the profound quality of life benefits that walking can bring to our whole selves and lives. In today’s post we’ll look at Ten Compelling Quality of Life Benefits of Women Walking.

Keep in mind all of the powerful health benefits listed in Part I plus . . .

1) TIME SAVING! Walking is a huge time saver because it’s immediate--just walk out the door. (Or, if the weather is daunting, walk inside.) The beauty of walking is we can do it today--right now--no matter where we are.

2) MONEY SAVING! Walking is free. There’s no special gear or gym membership necessary to begin renewing ourselves and transforming our lives by walking.

3) INCREASED CREATIVITY! Walking increases creativity. Our creative juices flow more readily when walking than when sitting.

4) BETTER RELATIONSHIPS! Walking with a companion (a significant other, BFF, a co-worker or furry friend) creates a shared experience that can lead to richer, more open relationships.

5) IMPROVED SELF ESTEEM! The overall feeling of well being that results from walking leads naturally to an enhanced sense of self esteem!

6) PEACE OF MIND! A daily walk creates a “time out” that can help us overcome the “overwhelm” of life. Walking calms and centers.

7) GREATER AWARENESS! A walking practice that engages our senses creates a greater sense of self awareness and connects us to the world around us.

8) ENHANCED INTUITION! Walking is a way to tap our deep wisdom and allow that wisdom to rise to the conscious level. Walking is a moving meditation, but it is also a physical method of unlocking the doors to our “knowing”.

9) PROBLEM SOLVING! Walking is a proven method of problem solving. Walking can allow the subconscious to become conscious, providing solutions that we may not have previously recognized. As the Latin phrase “solvitur ambulando” states,“it is solved by walking.”

10) OUR LIFE VISIONS! We all have dreams inside us that yearn to be realized. Walking creates an internal conversation between our dreams and the potential for realizing those dreams. Walking gives dreams the opportunity to be heard, seen and felt--the first steps toward making our dreams into our reality.

My own dream is a world where we women are pursuing our dreams actively, daily, with intent and love. But, in order to pursue our dreams and create that truly fulfilling life, we need time and energy which means we must truly care for ourselves and our lives. And at the same time we must care for the choices we’ve made in our lives: children, careers, spouses or significant others, care- giving for parents, volunteering, home owning etc. Our all-important self care needs to fit seamlessly into the lives we’ve created. That’s where walking come in! Walking is the ultimate multi-tasking solution for women who want to live happier, healthier, longer more fulfilling lives!

The Truth About Women Walking, Part I

Millions of women in this country walk every day for exercise. And millions more know they should. I’ve spoken with many women in both groups to learn why some walk and some want to walk but don’t. In listening to the walking wannabe’s I’ve heard great excuses, legitimate obstacles and complete mistruths like:

Walking is boring.
Walking takes too much time.
Walking doesn’t fit into my day.
Walking really isn’t enough exercise to make a difference.

That may indeed be what you believe, what you’ve experienced or what you’ve heard. But the truth about walking is very different. Did you know that a brisk daily walk:

Reduces your risk of heart disease 40%.
Helps you loose weight.
Improves your mood and memory.
Adds up to seven years to your life.

And that during your walk you can:

Save money.
Save time.
Become more creative.
Help a friend, family member or co-worker.

And after walking daily for a few weeks you’ll realize that:

You’re sleeping better.
You’re eating healthier foods.
You feel better about yourself.
You’ve lost weight.

That, ladies, is the truth about women walking!

In the past few years doctors and researchers worldwide have published numerous reports on the benefits of walking. The truth is that a regular walking habit addresses some of the most prevalent and deadly health problems we women face today. Doctors are finding that the simple act of walking is a big-time game changer. Here are ten powerful health benefits we give ourselves when we walk:

Walking reduces our risk of heart disease (#1 killer of women in the United States) and stroke while keeping our blood pressure in check.

Walking lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) while increasing HDL (good cholesterol).

A regular walking habit lowers our risk of developing certain diseases including type 2 diabetes, asthma and certain cancers.

Walking helps manage weight by increasing muscle mass and tone. Themore muscle we have, the faster we metabolize which means we are burning more calories even when resting.

Walking is a weight bearing activity; walking stimulates and strengthens bones, which in turn increases bone density. (This is especially important for we women.) Bonus: Walking helps maintain healthy joints as well.

Walking tones legs and core (core muscles include not only our abdominals but pelvic floor muscles and more). Bonus: increasing core strength decreases back pain.

Regular walking reduces the risk of dementia by up to 40%. Walking six (or more) miles per week can prevent brain shrinkage and preserve memory.

8) MOOD!
Regular walking is a natural antidepressant. Bonus: Walking outside boosts our Vitamin D levels.

Walking gives us energy--every step we take increases our energy level!

Brisk walking for twenty-five minutes per day can add up to seven years to our lives!

As you can see, the health benefits of walking affect body, mind and spirit in amazing life-changing ways. I believe walking is the ultimate way to care for our health easily on a daily basis.

However, my goal is for women to not only live happier, healthier, longer lives but for us to live truly fulfilling lives as well. And why is that? Because simply put, if more women were living happier, healthier, longer, fulfilling lives we’d change the world.  For this reason, I’m passionate about women walking not only for the wonderful health benefits we realize when we walk but also because of the profound quality of life benefits that walking can bring to our whole selves and lives.

In Part II of this post, we’ll take a look at Ten Compelling Quality of Life Benefits of Women Walking. In the meantime, review the health benefits in this list and think about which ones apply to you, to your female family members and your best friends and co-workers. Then give one of them a call and invite her to go for a walk. Because--walking works!

The Best Way To Become A Walking Woman: Walk For Someone Else

Let’s get real ladies, we know we SHOULD be exercising and we know that walking is a free, immediate, highly effective form of exercise. But knowing that we SHOULD walk just doesn’t get us out the door does it? And the truth is, it never will.

Here’s what will though--walking for someone else. Picture this scenario: you and your best friend meet for coffee and she is obviously worried about something. She tells you she’s just come from a doctor’s appointment. To her surprise she’s gained 12 pounds since her last doctor’s visit. Then she learned her blood pressure is up and so is her bad cholesterol. She also learned she’s at risk for developing certain cancers and type 2 diabetes. Her doctor emphatically told her that daily walking would lower her risk factors as well as her blood pressure and bad cholesterol and help her take off those extra pounds that crept on.

She says to you, “I know I should walk but I just can’t seem to get motivated. And when I do walk I don’t stick with it like I should. But I’m really scared about my health. Can you help me? Will you be my walking partner?”

Well OF COURSE you will! What we won’t do for ourselves we’ll do for a friend in a heartbeat. That’s because we’re wired to nurture and care for others. And that’s a good thing--no, a great thing! Take that nurturing instinct and become a walking partner for someone in your life. And here’s the bonus: being their walking partner means that you’re out walking too.

Share your health concerns with your walking partner and tell her why you need to walk.  Then ask for her support in walking for you and your health. By doing this simple step, we take our natural nurturing and make it our ally--in a huge way. Schedule your walking routes and times then make a commitment to show up and walk together, for one another.

I can guarantee you’ll have days when it’s really hard to honor that commitment. But when you know that your walking partner is counting on you and needs you to show up for her health and quality of life, you’ll get out that door. Hold each other accountable, measure your progress, and make sure you celebrate your success. By walking for someone else, your success is right around the corner.

Why Workouts Fail and Why It's Not Your Fault!


Ladies does this sound like you:

  • You want to be exercising but aren’t?
  • You know you should be exercising but aren’t?
  • You tried gyms, yoga, Pilates, online courses, DVD’s?
  • You discovered you’re not into gyms, yoga, Pilates, online courses and DVD’s?
  • You are sick to death--absolutely sick to death--of the shame and guilt of not exercising?

And yet you know you should be exercising. You may have serious health issues; perhaps your doctor has told you that you must exercise. You go into workout plans with the best of intentions, ready to make the changes you know you need to make. But somewhere along the way you get derailed. You run out of time or money or both. You discover you really don’t like the exercise you’re trying. Whatever the reason, you simply can’t force yourself to keep going. And then you end up right back where you started--knowing you should be exercising and feeling ashamed and guilty that you’re not. (And maybe secretly wondering if there’s something wrong with you because you just can’t seem to stick to your plans.)

First, I want you to know there is nothing “wrong” with you! We women are so incredibly good at shaming ourselves and making ourselves wrong! Our negative self talk is our absolute worst enemy! Getting derailed from an exercise plan is caused by multiple factors, one of which is not planning ahead for obstacles. When you don’t plan ahead for obstacles, they knock you off course and therefore you end up right back where you started, thus the all too familiar cycle begins again!

So let me reiterate: there’s nothing wrong with you! You just haven’t found your fit in the exercise world. The simple truth is that exercise needs to fit you and your life, not the other way around.

In order for any exercise plan to truly work it needs to fit you and your life in these Eight Ways:
1) The decision to try the exercise. Your decision must be based on wanting/needing to change. Most of us get this far. But your decision needs to be backed up by willingness to take action and to suspend judgment of yourself. Your exercise plan needs to support you in this because suspending judgment of ourselves is really really really hard! It’s a big obstacle so your plan also needs . . .
2) A way to overcome obstacles. Planning ahead for what could derail you is really critical to your success. Did any of the workouts you’ve tried help you anticipate and plan for obstacles like sick kids, travel for work, last minute changes in schedule? In addition to having a way to overcome obstacles your exercise plan really needs . . .
3) A connection from your personal values directly to the exercise itself. The more of your values an exercise aligns with, the more you’ll feel that it’s your unique fit in the workout world. If you have a list of reasons stating why you’re working out and those reasons are deeply meaningful to you and your life, you have the “glue” that leads to success. A good plan will help you make and deepen this connection. What that value based connection needs to be super charged is . . .
4) Accountability! We women are THE BEST at putting everyone and everything ahead of ourselves. A successful exercise plan will utilize this female trait to our own advantage. When we are working out with and for someone else we are so much more likely to succeed. This collaboration creates a powerful accountability to each other’s goals and success. If you felt that other workouts you’ve tried were competitive or that you were being judged on what you could or couldn’t do--no wonder you didn’t connect with them! So collaborate and be accountable to something bigger and better than you’ve experienced before. Once you’ve partnered up you need . . .
5) A plan to follow for at least the first 66 days. It takes two months and a week for a new behavior to become a habit. Without a clear plan to follow for that time, your obstacles are going to rear their ugly heads and try to derail you. But when your personal values are aligned with your workout and you’re accountable to someone else’s goals and you have a clear plan for you and your partner, you’re going to succeed!. Make sure that your plan has a solid . . .
6) Commitment! Now that you know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, who you’re doing it with and how long you need to do it, you have a clear concept of what you’re committing to! This is really powerful and well defined. Have your other workout plans been this clear and defined? The next thing you need is . . .
7) Time! You now give yourself 66 days to turn your new exercise into a healthy habit. And the great news is you know that going into it! No surprises--hooray. But the last thing you need, the thing we ALL really need and deserve is . . .
8) A coach! You deserve support and guidance from a coach to whom you can turn when you hit snags or have questions. A coach is someone who leads by example and has already gone through the change you’re currently undertaking. Someone who has literally walked the mile in your shoes! Your coach can be the difference between success and failure because true support means being fully and deeply understood and valued as you go through the process of changing. As you know, change can be hard and having a coach gives you that extra edge. You deserve to be inspired, motivated, celebrated and empowered every single step of the way by someone fully in your corner!

I’ve watched too many wonderful women just like you become discouraged and disheartened by their inability to make daily exercise a healthy habit in their lives. You now know why that goal can be so daunting and you know why it’s not your fault! Today’s “it” workouts don’t offer exercise solutions that truly fit us and our lives. We know we need to care for ourselves but at the same time we must care for the choices we’ve made in our lives: children, careers, spouses or significant others, care-giving for parents, volunteering, home owning etc. Our all-important self care needs to fit seamlessly into the lives we’ve created.

That’s where walking come in! Did you know walking is the ultimate multi-tasking solution for women and that a brisk daily walk is all the exercise you need to improve your health and quality of life immediately? I believe we women deserve happy, healthy, long lives and I believe our self care can and must fit the lives we’ve created--starting right now! So I set out to create a simple cost effective and time effective way for us to achieve that goal. The result is One Million Women Walking and my book, Your Walk, Your Way! The Women’s Walking Workbook: Eight Steps To Your Happier, Healthier, Longer Life.

To learn more about One Million Women Walking and what walking can do for you, get my free report The Truth About Women Walking. Regardless of whether you become a walking woman or pursue another form of exercise, make sure your workout truly fits you and your life. Does your workout include the Eight Ways you learned about in this blog post or does it fall short and put you back in the cycle of feeling guilty and ashamed of yourself? Please don’t let that happen ever again! You deserve the happy, healthy, long life you’re dreaming of right now-- today!