Walking Women: Cindy Warner!

1MWW is excited to announce our interview series featuring walking women--women who walk on a regular basis. It's such a pleasure and privilege to be sharing their stories with you. Today's interview is with Walking Woman Cindy Warner.

Q: Cindy what inspired you to start walking?

A: I grew up on a farm near a town of 1,500 people.  I was outdoors much of the time as a child, and learned to love the natural world around me.  Since my town was so small, I could get to pretty much everywhere on foot, and I loved the journey because it put me in touch with the community.  Walking provides time to notice details and reflect on them.  It provides closeness to friends seen going about their daily business.  It was a very sweet way to grow up, but I didn’t realize how sweet until I moved to the city and began my adult life.  As an adult living in apartments, I realized that something important was missing from my life, and one day, feeling frustrated and puzzled about what could be wrong, I decided to go outside and walk.  THEN I understood!  I understood that I would always need to walk if I wanted to be happy, if I wanted time to free my brain and refresh my spirit.  I have always relied on walking as a cleansing, revitalizing activity.

Q: How long have you been walking?

A: I have been walking intentionally since I was 20, so not counting childhood, that’s 46 years.

Q: What changes (body/mind/spirit) have resulted from your walking?

A: I can only speculate on what my life would be like without the many years of walking, but I believe that my health would not be nearly as good if I had not walked so much.  
As a 66-year-old, I have good muscle tone, healthy blood pressure, good circulation, and good skeletal and overall health. I do eat healthfully, get regular medical check-ups, try to get plenty of sleep, devote time to nurturing my relationships, and stimulate my mind and heart by being an active participant in my community and the world around me.  I acknowledge the role of those factors in my health.  Still, I know from experience that walking is unique in its ability to consistently calm and cheer me, clarify my thoughts, and give me a fresh perspective on the world. 

Q: What happens if you don’t walk?

A: If I don’t walk, especially for several days in a row, I notice that I feel nervous and sometimes depressed.  My brain feels “clogged.” 

Q: What does walking mean to you?

A: Wow!  How can I even begin to answer this question?   In addition to the daily walks that I do for fun and health, I have solved thousands of problems while walking –all kind of dilemmas and thorny situations that we all encounter as part of daily life.  One thing that stands out is a bad situation that my husband and I experienced with our home.  We discovered that water draining from a housing development and into our backyard had done serious damage to our garage and basement, and had created a water flow problem that had to be addressed right away.  This was one of those truly scary situations that could have resulted in the loss of our home.  We walked, and walked, and walked.  Every day, we walked a 3-mile route in our neighborhood; some days, we walked it multiple times.  I remember so clearly the stress of those weeks when we were discovering the severity and nature of the problem, and looking for solutions.  We would be inside working on it, and then periodically, we would look at each other and say, “Time for a walk.”  We did survive, and our home survived, and for that we are very grateful.  However, we had to accept the possibility that our home would not survive.  During our walks, we made plans, sorted out possibilities, and – perhaps most importantly – we strengthened our bond as a couple and strengthened our bodies, which enabled us to think and function better.  We realized that if we lost our home, we would still have our children and ourselves and our friends and so many other gifts.  I believe that those hundreds of thousands of steps taken together saved us from despair, and enabled us to think clearly enough to achieve practical solutions and enjoy emotional health.
Something about the rhythmic motion is deeply calming when I feel agitated or preoccupied with a problem. It brings clarity of thought, and puts me in touch with thoughts and feelings of which I was not consciously aware.  More often than not, it brings a smile to my face, or at least ameliorates a sour or frustrated state of mind. 

Q: What are your biggest walking challenges/obstacles?

A: Weather sometimes makes walking difficult, but there is usually a way to work around it. I can walk indoors at the Y, or choose a time of day when the weather isn’t too bad. Also, I have learned that I don’t melt in the rain, and that with the proper clothing, a walk in the snow is invigorating and fun!  
Work for many of us limits freedom to walk, but if we’re resourceful, we can find some way to walk at least a little during the workday. Many employers aren’t enlightened enough to understand how much better a workday can be if the workers get opportunities to move, so sometimes we have to be a little bit sneaky. I am lucky to work in an athletic facility, so I am encouraged to get up throughout the day and exercise. Previous jobs have more or less chained me to my desk for long periods, but I still found ways to sneak in exercise. I use stairwells to get my heart pumping if I have only a short time away from my desk. I have gone into empty conference rooms and jogged in place for five minutes, or done a couple of yoga poses to loosen up.  A trip to the bathroom does not have to be just there and back.  I take the scenic route.

Warner Parks, Nashville, TN.

Warner Parks, Nashville, TN.

Q: What’s your favorite place (or places) to walk?

A: I love walking nature trails, and am lucky to live close to the Warner Parks, and not too far from Radnor Lake.  However, I usually walk wherever I am, whether it’s in neighborhoods near work or exploring the territory around me if I travel.  If a park is nearby, that’s a great place to go because of the beauty of the plants, and the happiness of seeing people out enjoying themselves.

Q: What advice would you give to women who know they should be walking but aren’t—yet?

A: Discover reasons that keep you from walking.  Is there a physical problem that can be fixed or improved with medical help?  Would walking with a companion be more fun than walking alone?  Lots of us walking addicts would welcome a chance to be a companion if it would make walking more attractive for you.  If you don’t have a walking buddy, or relish the time alone, listen to a podcast or your favorite music.  Walk on a treadmill at the Y and watch TV.  It’s YOUR walk; make it just right for YOU.
How are your feet?  Treat them like goddess feet all day – not just when you exercise.  My husband ignored foot pain until it got so bad that he had to have surgeries.  Foot problems will mess with the rest of your body, too.  Shoes that give your toes room to wiggle and your soles plenty of comfort and support are essential.  Invest in your feet.  Have at least two pairs of great walking shoes to rotate.  NEVER wear uncomfortable shoes or uncomfortable clothes.
Start small and make it fun.  Several short walks can work wonders and build up endurance. 

Cindy Warner you are a Walking Woman extraordinaire. Thank you so much for sharing your walking story!

Cindy Warner has called Nashville home since 1972 when she moved here from New York.  She and her husband Byron have lived in the same home in West Belle Meade since 1978--the home where they raised their three children and put down deep roots into Nashville. Cindy works in Sport Science at Belmont University--perfect for her since colleagues and co-workers love health and exercise! Cindy says, "Byron and I both enjoy our jobs, enjoy puttering in our yard and flower beds at home, and love seeing Nashville grow into an exciting city." 

Workout and Look Amazing Too!

Walking Women I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce Emily Goodin, today’s guest blogger. Emily is a personal stylist with Nashville-based personal shopping company Effortless Style. Emily has a passion (and genius I might add) for making the runway totally accessible to create personalized, signature looks for her clients. I asked Emily for her top tips on how to workout in our Southern summers and stay cool. Here’s her great advice, just for you!

The tips and tricks for fitting in a workout in the heat and walking away like it never happened!

Walking and exercising outdoors can be rewarding both mentally and physically. However, fitting in a workout on a busy schedule means that you may not always have the time to devote to your normal “getting ready” routine! And now that Summer is here and the temperatures are rising, you’ll need to be PREPARED to get through the heat with grace! Here are a few tips to looking HOT without looking like you’ve been in the heat!


Pack a gym bag of the following: Change of clothes and shoes, cool towel, water bottle, wet wipes, deodorant, freshening spray, and hair products.
My Style Favs!

Gym bags - I rotate between the latest, cute-patterned 99 cent tote from TJMaxx and my black duffle from back in my dance days. However, if you’d rather upgrade to something a little nicer and more efficient, the Procat duffle and the Dash & Albert Woven Bag are perfect for Summer gym totes!
Workout Outfit - I’m in love with Fabletics! Kate Hudson did an amazing job with this line of athletic clothes! From adorable patterned sets to mix and match separates...I can’t get enough! Color, patterns, mesh and strategic cut outs are IN. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and let your personality show - even in your gym clothes!
Shoes - I tend to like a trail shoe instead of a typical running shoe or sneaker. Trail shoes have larger tread which provides better footing if you’re walking outdoors on uneven ground. My favorite is the Brooks Cascadia. However, it’s important to seek assistance in picking your shoe because everyone’s foot will require different arch support.
Cool towels - If you try the Froggy Toggs Super Chilly Cooling Towel , you will never leave home without it! This towel stays chilly in hot temps!
Water bottle/Hydration pack - I love my Camelbak! Since most of what I own is black, take a wild guess at the color of my hydration pack! Ha! However, they do make many styles in different colors. Water bottles with walking/running handles and belt packs are also great, hands-free options that make it easier to take your water with you!
Wet Wipes - I usually end up with the generic wet wipes, however if you plan on using these on a regular basis and packing them in your gym bag, you might want to consider individually wrapped organic wipes.
Deodorant - I love my Degree Ultra Clear!
Freshening Spray - My favorite light body mist is Bath & Body’s White Citrus

Hair Products - Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo takes away any oil left in the hair and refreshens your look!
TIPS FOR DURING YOUR WORKOUT Wear something that breathes! Many shorts and tops are becoming more efficient for you to wear less. Many workout tanks have built in bras so you don’t have to layer. Shorts with mesh lining can also help with breathability as you exercise.
Cool Towels are a godsend! - During your outdoor walk, it’s a good idea to place a temperature controlled, cooling towel on your neck to control your body temperature. (see above for recommended cool towel)
Carry chilled water -Drink chilled water frequently during your workout to stay cool and to keep your internal temperature under control. This will help reduce perspiration.
Incorporate these preparation tips into your daily routine and you’ll feel like you can CONQUER your day!
Happy Summer! Emily Goodin, Effortless Style

The Defiance Fuel Story, Part II


In Part I of this blog post I shared the story of how Defiance Fuel was developed by Dr Lee Lorenzen in response to his wife’s devastating illness. Here in Part II I’ll be sharing my personal experience with taking the Defiance Fuel 30 Day Challenge.
The Defiance Fuel 30 Day Challenge is simply this: drink two 1-liter bottles of Defiance Fuel every day for a month. I did just that and am blown away with my results. I’ll get to those results in just a moment but first I want to explain what Defiance Fuel does.
Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. Our human bodies are composed of trillions of cells. Our cells provide structure for our bodies. They take in nutrients from food, convert those nutrients into energy, and carry out many specialized functions. Defiance Fuel’s patented Cellular Hydrating Processing (CHP) is a process that creates an environment where our cells–our basic building blocks–are hydrated very effectively. So what does that feel and look like?
It feels and looks fantastic!
After drinking Defiance Fuel for just two weeks, I realized my workout recovery time was much shorter. I also had increased stamina and strength during my workouts. My workouts are daily walking for cardio and, three days per week, I add upper and lower body strengthening with weight machines. I also noticed that my lower back pain–caused by an unscheduled dismount off my horse eight years ago–was gone. And my knees, damaged by years of serious ballet, no longer felt stiff and unreliable. These were big game changers for me but then more amazing shifts started taking place as I continued the Defiance Fuel 30 Day Challenge.
I’ve never had great skin. I had terrible acne as a teen which was compounded by a late-in-life and very severe case of chicken pox that left numerous scars. Fast forward 40+ years to the onset of menopause and my skin was showing its age and damage. However after a little over a month of drinking Defiance Fuel, I started getting compliments on my skin from friends and family. I was asked what topical products I was using because my skin appeared so smooth and supple and yes indeed, radiant. My skin?! Seriously?!
The final shift I want to share with you that really has made an enormous difference in my life is what I’ve experienced with my eyes. I’ve worn bi-focal contacts for five years. As a photographer my contacts allow me to use my camera with the familiarity and ease I knew before my vision changed due to age. Unfortunately for the past two years I’ve been unable to wear my contacts all day long because of my eyes being too dry–another change due to aging. After a few hours of wearing contacts my eyes would feel like the Sahara Desert and my contacts had to come out. In order to take photos I would struggle with fitting my camera’s view finder to my “cheater readers” which often resulted in bruises on my forehead and disappointingly blurry pictures. After two months of drinking Defiance Fuel daily, I can wear my contacts comfortably ALL DAY LONG. I can grab my camera and go whenever an incredible moment presents itself. I’m free to capture my vision again and that freedom is wonderful!
I had no idea true hydration looks and feels so fantastic. Needless to say I’m a Defiance Fuel advocate in a large way. Drinking Defiance Fuel has allowed me to overcome many of the limitations I thought were simply “givens” associated with aging. I’m thrilled to report they are not.
I invite you to take the Defiance Fuel 30 Day Challenge and defy your own “limitations”.
Go to the Defiance Fuel website and read up on this life changing water here: www.defiancefuel.com. Make sure to read this: www.defiancefuel.com/the-technology.asp!
Then sign up for the Defiance Fuel 30 Day Challenge here: www.defiancefuel.com.
Take the 30 Day Challenge, defy your limitations and change your life because you deserve to look and feel your best!

The Defiance Fuel Story, Part I

Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “It is health that is true wealth.” The amazing story you’re about to read illustrates Gandhi’s words perfectly.
In 1983 Penny Lorenzen was a very sick woman. A mystery illness was causing excruciating pain, fatigue and a myriad of other symptoms that did not add up to any plausible diagnosis. Prior to her illness, Penny had been a ranked tennis player and a great athlete. Now the former athlete and mother of two young children was practically bedridden and in chronic pain.
Penny and her husband, Dr. Lee Lorenzen, were told that Penny’s illness was psychosomatic–all in her head. Lee and Penny disagreed. Dr. Lorenzen received his BA in Biology from the University of California at Berkeley. From there he went to University of California Irvine School of Medicine where he was a Research Associate in the Department of Pharmacology. Lee continued his graduate studies in Biology at Cal State Fullerton and finished up with Doctorate studies in Nutrition at Metropolitan Collegiate Institute, London, UK. His professional background, as well as his understanding of his wife’s personality, made it impossible for Lee to accept that Penny’s mysterious ailment was not a disease in her body.
After two years of ongoing frustration for both Penny and Lee, to say nothing of the ongoing pain for Penny, an internist at UCLA was able to identify two viruses in Penny’s cerebrospinal fluid–Coxsackie B and Epstein-Barr. The official diagnosis was Myalgic Encephalomyelitis–one of the worst cases the doctor had seen. At this point, the couple were told that Penny would be bedridden for the rest of her life, and that basically there was no hope. She would live, but she’d want to die. The news devastated the entire family.
Despite the diagnosis, Penny and Lee tried every therapeutic approach possible–anti-virals, experimentals, chiropractic, acupuncture–yet no treatment helped in a substantive way. Then Lee met a physician who said he took a group of patients to drink from the healing well at Lourdes, France, every year. This doctor reported seeing wonderful results in his patients. Drinking the waters of Lourdes seemed worthy of consideration, but there was no way Penny could make such a trip–the flight alone would be too painful in her fragile condition.
So Lee got on the phone. He began investigating and found that healing springs exist all over the world–Japan, Russia, India, Mexico and more. He learned the efficacy of the water was attributed to faith or religious beliefs or in some cases the local deity. But Lee, who is himself a Christian, felt that a broader interpretation was possible; that it is possible for God to use a variety of tools to achieve His purpose.
Ultimately Lee spoke to an inn owner at Lourdes. Lee wanted to know specifically what the inn owner saw in the pilgrims’ experiences. The answer, which held as a constant across multiple phone calls to many inn owners worldwide, was that when patients drank directly from the source, the water helped their ailments, but when the water was bottled and taken back to their rooms, it didn’t work. Lee realized the water had a half life of minutes. Lee experimented a bit and learned that if the water was chilled its properties lasted a little longer. Thus, Lee realized the healing properties of the water could not be bacterial or mineral, but rather must be structural since the effects were so transient.
The next step was to have samples of the water at Lourdes flash frozen at the source and shipped back to US packed in dried ice. Under the microscope Lee found an organized cluster of water molecules held together by their shared hydrogen atoms–a uniquely crystalline structure. Lee then set out to recreate this same physical profile. He worked in his lab until he got the same pattern and he found a way to stabilize it. The process took four long years.
When Lee was satisfied that he had successfully recreated the healing water, he first experimented by drinking it himself and he had the family dog, a senior golden retriever with hip dysplasia, drink the water as well. Lee himself felt fine and to his amazement and delight the family’s old arthritic dog was jumping into the family car two weeks later. Next came the real test of Lee’s work — Penny began drinking the water. In six weeks she was up and moving around and feeling good for the first time in almost five years.
To Penny and Lee’s great delight, by 1988 Penny was feeling her old self again. But several years after Penny’s recovery, Lee realized that he was bothered by a feeling of niggling doubt lurking just below his consciousness. He knew Penny trusted him implicitly and that her trust might have led him to create the biggest placebo in the world. So he switched Penny’s healing water for regular water and didn’t tell her. After three days Penny was not feeling well and she asked Lee if he had changed anything. Lee confessed to his “experiment” to which his wife replied, “I’ll make a deal with you–you don’t change my water and I won’t change the locks.”
Today Penny Lorenzen is playing tennis again, chasing her grandkids and living a full active life. It’s hard to believe she was ever ill. The healing water that Lee created out of a desperate need to help Penny went through several more iterations. Lee then patented his processes. The end result is now known as Defiance Fuel, the first patented structured water formulated for athletic performance. Defiance Fuel is designed to return your body to a state of healthy hydration, energy, and balance.
In Part II of this post, I’ll share with you my own experience with drinking Defiance Fuel and participating in Defiance Fuel’s 30 Day Challenge. (Spoiler alert–I’m blown away!!)

May Is Women's Health Month!

May is our month ladies--Women’s Health Month. And May 14 to 21 is National Women’s Health Week. So let’s make this month our very best and really focus on ourselves and our health. Here’s two tiny tweaks that will add up to big health changes when you do them every day!

Tweak #1
Walk! My number one piece of health advice for all women--WALK!

A 25 minute brisk daily walk can add up to seven years to your life! And that’s just the beginning of what walking can do for you! Walking is the ultimate all-in-one multi-tasking miracle for women. In fact, a recent study done in Australia reported that staying physically active is far more likely to determine a woman’s future risk of heart disease than other well-known factors including smoking, obesity, and high blood pressure. Walking takes care of our whole Self--body/mind/spirit like no other exercise.

Starting right now add more walking to your day and you’ll reap the benefits for years to come! Here’s some tips on how to work walking into your day every day.

How To Work Walking Into Your Day Every Day.jpg

Tweak #2
Drink Water! I cannot say enough about drinking water.

Your body is 60-70% water. You can do the math and figure out how many pounds/gallons of water you’re carrying in your body mass--it’ll blow your mind.

I carry nine gallons of water. Thank heavens it’s distributed throughout my body! I can’t quite fathom hauling nine gallon jugs of water around with me every day.

Here’s why drinking water is so important: according to Brian Richter, Chief Scientist for the Global Water Program of The Nature Conservancy, “With a deficit of as little as one quart you’re likely going to start losing some cognitive function, alertness, and ability to concentrate. If you lose a gallon you’ll start feeling pretty lethargic, and you’ll likely have a bad headache. If you’re down two gallons you’re going to be sick enough to be in the hospital. Three gallons and you’re in the morgue.

Now consider that during a normal day we breathe, urinate, and sweat out about three quarts of water. We could easily be in the zone between some loss of cognitive function and bad headache. Not fun. That mid-to-late afternoon headache you get on a daily basis? Guess what--it’s dehydration. Continuously replenishing your body’s water is the key to staying hydrated and hydration=health.

So for Women’s Health Month, put away the sodas and drink water. And if you want to really hydrate, drink the best water on the planet, Defiance Fuel. (Look for a detailed post on Defiance Fuel soon!)

So there’s my two tweaks to turn May into your healthiest month ever.

Walking + Drinking Water = A Happy, Healthy, Long Life. And that’s what I want for you!

Happy Women’s Health Month!


My Question For You

It’s mid-April ladies and I’m wondering--are you beating yourself up because you haven’t lost the weight, gotten in shape, and dropped 2 sizes like you resolved to back in January? Are you in the same old self-defeating cycle? Are you feeling hopeless? Please--don’t give up--come walk with me!

Science has proven you can lose the weight, get in shape, and feel great about yourself--all by simply walking.

And I’ve created the best walking program in the world just for women:


Walk on the Wild Side is unlike any other fitness plan--it’s the best walking program in the world just for women. This program combines the latest science on walking and achieving goals with feedback from women on what they want in a fitness plan and adds caring, support, and community. That’s our unique formula for success.

Science + what you want + caring community = you looking & feeling exactly how you want to look & feel! 

Walk on the Wild Side has four components:

  • The Walk on the Wild Side Planner
  • Walk on the Wild Side Video Lessons
  • Support from me--1MWW founder Laura Boulay--your walking partner and coach.
  • Community, camaraderie, caring, and connection with other women in the program on our private Facebook page.

Here’s how Walk on the Wild Side works:
1. Read through a step in the Planner.
Set aside a few minutes each day to complete a new step (each step takes 15 minutes or less).
Watch the corresponding video.
2. Watch the video lesson for each step, in which I share tips, suggestions, and stories relating to each step. (All Video Lessons are on our invitation-only Facebook page.)
3. Write down your responses in the Transformation Spaces in your Planner.
In your Planner you’ll find journal pages where you’ll write down your thoughts and insights about each Step and Video Lesson. Your responses build the walking plan that will transform your life!
4. Experience community, connection, caring, encouragement, and ongoing support as a member of our private Walking Women Facebook group.
You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group, Walking Women, where you’ll get support from me. You’ll also connect with other women walking on the wild side! Share your experiences with each Step, ask questions, get supported, and feel inspired as you walk your way to the life of your dreams--you’re never walking alone!

Walk on the Wild Side has seven steps you work through at your own pace. As you’re working through the steps you’ll begin your transformational walking program--66 days of daily walking.

You can pre-order Walk on the Wild Side through the One Million Women Walking iFundWomen campaign. During our campaign Walk on the Wild Side is priced at just $77. (Less than two months of a gym membership!) Learn more here: https://www.ifundwomen.com/projects/one-million-women-walking

So, if you answered YES to my question, and you’re ready to break the cycle of self-loathing and begin living the happy, healthy long life you deserve, get Walk on the Wild Side today. I can’t wait to walk with you.

For a deep dive/sneak peek into Walk on the Wild Side, click the button below. You'll learn why this is the best walking program in the world for women and you'll experience Step One of the Walk on the Wild Side program.

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That’s it. Thank you! I can’t wait to walk with you.

"I Know I Should Be Walking But . . ."

Does it sound familiar, “I know I should be walking but . . .”?

If your answer is yes, you’re in excellent company! So many women, just like you, know they need to walk but haven’t started--yet. Why not? Most likely for the simplest of reasons: Where to start?

If you want to start walking, you’re probably well aware of the health benefits of walking or it could be that your health care provider has prescribed walking for you. (Walking is the number one doctor prescribed exercise!) Whatever your reason for wanting to walk, figuring out how to fit a walk into your too-busy days can be absolutely overwhelming.

The basics of walking might be putting one foot in front of the other, but why and where and when you walk are either your stumbling blocks or your success steps. Having a plan to start walking is critical to overcoming your stumbling blocks. And having a plan is a sure-fire way to ensure success.

A good plan covers the basics--why, where, when, and gets you going right away. And a good plan gives you a little added oomph to keep walking if the going gets tough. So today let’s create a basic plan to get you started! But first, I want you to understand that the biggest hurdle is behind you--you know you want to walk for exercise! Congratulations--you know what you want! That clarity is going to be the fuel that carries you to success so let’s get going!

Your plan needs to be personal, very true to you. I deeply believe the best solutions come from asking the right questions, so I’m going to ask you four questions. Your answers will be the foundation of your plan.  Grab a piece of paper and something to write with and just jot down the answers as they come to you! Here we go!

1. Why do you want to walk? Science shows that when you attach your personal reasons and values to a goal you want to achieve, like walking, you are much more likely to succeed. Make a list of all the reasons you want to walk and keep it somewhere you’ll see it every day.
2. Where do you want to walk? Sleuth out both an indoor route and an outdoor route that are easily accessible to wherever you spend the most time--the office, at home, at school etc. Having “go-to” walking routes takes the guess work and uncertainty out of where you’ll walk on a daily basis.
3. Who do you want to walk with? We are much more likely to accomplish goals when we're accountable to someone or something other than just ourselves. To create accountability, you need to count on someone who, in turn, is counting on you. You need walking partners! Ask your family, friends, and co-workers to walk with you and commit to a walking plan. This is THE key to your success. When someone is counting on you, you will show up--it’s that simple!
4. Who do you want to support you in walking? So many of our best intentions never arrive at the status of achieved goals. One reason for this is lack of support from the people around us. So surround yourself with a network of truly supportive people. Tell your family, friends, co-workers, and social media groups what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. You’ll be surprised how many of them are inspired by your focus and commitment. These are the people who will become your cheerleaders and your source of ongoing support.

Once you’ve answered these four questions you have your basic plan in place. As extra support I’ve created a FREE REPORT: Four Simple Success Steps To Start Walking Today. Get your copy by clicking the button below. In this report I share the exact four steps you need to become a daily walker. (Hint--they’re all absolutely free, they’re all scientifically proven, and they sound “suspiciously” like the questions you just answered!) These four steps are the heartbeat of every One Million Women Walking Program and provide you a foundation to become the walking woman you want to be.

When you have these steps in place, your walking life will take on a life of its own and become a life-long habit. You’ll turn, “I know I should be walking,” into, “I am walking!” Congratulations walking woman--you’re on your way!

"Will Walking Work For Me?"

“Will walking work for me?”

Ladies, this is the question I’m asked the most, which means you’re in excellent company! The answer is YES!  As long as you are healthy enough to walk, walking will work for you.

You know, I understand your question completely. Before my life crisis I had always enjoyed walking but I believed I needed to belong to a gym and be taking challenging fitness classes in order to be truly healthy. After becoming a daily walker I realized I was in excellent shape, had great stamina and tons of energy, plus I was happier. (Happier was amazing for me because I’ve suffered from clinical depression for much of my adult life.)

In the past few years doctors and researchers worldwide have published numerous reports on the benefits of walking. The truth is that a regular walking habit addresses some of the most prevalent and deadly health problems we women face today. Doctors have found that the simple act of walking is a big-time game changer for us.

But let’s get to what a lot of us really, truly want: to lose weight and feel good about how we look. To like the woman we see in the mirror, maybe even love her. If this is what you want, walking will work for you--if you give it the time, energy, and commitment required. I’m not going to lie to you and say that walking is a quick fix--it’s not. Reports have shown that establishing a new habit takes 66 days so you’ve got to be willing to give walking a chance. Changing your body is entirely possible, losing weight is entirely possible, feeling better about yourself is entirely possible. We just need to enter that realm of possibility and make the shifts required to achieve our goals.

Shift #1: Acknowledge that change takes time.

So let’s be realistic about our time! Many of us are maxed out on time (and money and energy). We need a simple, time and cost effective way to exercise that fits our crazy lives just as they are right now.  We need to enter the realm of possibility that a solution is at hand--we simply need to shift what we are doing with the time we have!

Shift #2: Change what we’re doing with the time we have.

Here’s three quick changes that will have you on your way to loving the woman in the mirror:

  1. Stand more than you sit. (Sitting is literally killing us. Sixty-six days of standing more than sitting will work wonders!)
  2. Walk as much as you possibly can throughout your day. (Those cliches you’ve heard about adding steps to your day are absolutely true: park your car in the farthest spot in the lot and take the stairs vs the elevator. Do this for 66 days and you will see and feel a difference!)
  3. Go for a 25 minute brisk walk every day after lunch. (Shift your lunch “hour” to 30 minutes and give yourself the exercise your body, mind and spirit deserve by going for a brisk walk. 66 days of walking at lunch will change your life in ways you simply can’t imagine.)

Walking will work for you. Walking will help you lose weight, get in shape, feel better about yourself, improve your mood, increase your creativity, lower your stress and so much more. But like everything else in life, you have to DO IT to realize the benefits. We can’t think our way to our goals or wish our way to our goals. However, we can WALK OUR WAY TO OUR GOALS. Walking works!