Join the One Million Women Walking movement today.

Movement: When a population aligns with an idea and takes action on it.

The 1MWW idea is simple: Walking is the ultimate way for women like us to care for ourSelves on a daily basis, so let’s walk together.

I believe you deserve an easy, efficient, highly effective way to care for yourSelf (body/mind/spirit) deeply and meaningfully, every single day of your life. I know from my own life-saving experience walking is the way!

If you’re ready to transform your health and your life, join 1MWW on Patreon—the virtual home of the 1MWW movement.

Your 1MWW membership includes access to the 1MWW Members-only feed (our communication channel) on Patreon, the 1MWW Member Handbook (guidelines plus my step-by-step, life-saving walking Practice), and daily support from me. Come experience the power of connection, community, ongoing support, and of course the power of walking! Membership is $1/month.

I can’t wait to walk with you.


“I thought of you today. I was in a mini-funk and remembered your words, ‘You’re not going to think your way out of this’, so I got up and went for a walk.”

R. Radar, Boston, MA

“So privileged to know Laura Boulay! She is brilliant and absolutely the real deal, authentic and passionate about this walking movement. I love One Million Women Walking!”

C. Novak, Franklin, TN

“You are doing a great service! Walking is transformational and so enjoyable, so win/win! Thanks again!”

L. Findlay, Burlington, Ontario

“Thank you! Your encouragement is so motivating. You are such a positive person and I’m glad our paths have crossed as well! You have a gift of making people feel good about themselves!”

K. Deal, Nashville, TN