How do I join One Million Women Walking?

Nothing could be easier! Patreon is the virtual home of the 1MWW movement. Click the button below and you’ll be whisked away to the 1MWW Patreon where your membership is only $1/month. (Yes, you read that correctly!)

I can’t wait to walk with you!


Will you speak at my women's book club?
Will you speak at my women’s church group?
Will you speak at my women’s business group?
Will you speak at my company’s Lunch & Learn?

Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes. Click here to see my SPEAKING topics. Then EMAIL ME for additional information. Thank you!

Do you provide wellness programs to companies?

A complex answer. Yes and no. I love collaborating with companies to create healthier, happier workplaces. That being said, I do not provide corporate wellness programs in the traditional sense. (That’s the no part.)

(Here’s the yes part.) However, I LOVE, absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to help mompreneurs, female business owners, and solopreneurs incorporate moving more and walking into their existing small company. I assess your company's needs, do a walking audit,  and then develop a customized movement and walking plan tailored to the daily rhythm of your workplace. I combine this assessment with the 1MWW Move More Workshop. I provide this service for small companies only. My definition of small is not the U.S. SBA definition. My definition is 20 employees or less. Please EMAIL ME for additional information.

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Do you have a chapter in my city?

Creating 1MWW Chapters is a critical element in growing the 1MWW movement and fulfilling our mission. Our current plan is to start forming chapters when we reach the benchmark of 100 members on Patreon. If you’re keen to start a Chapter right away, EMAIL ME with the word “Chapter” in the subject line and we’ll talk it up. Thank you!

What's with the photos on this page?

Thought you'd NEVER ask! That's my soapbox. You know, in case I feel like talking about walking.