How do I join One Million Women Walking?

Nothing could be easier! All you need to do to join the 1MWW movement is grab your copy of The Truth About Women Walking, our FREE E-BOOK that shares the incredible health and quality of life benefits we give ourselves when we walk. Knowledge is power and this report is full of power! Get your copy and join us today.

Do you work with small groups?

Absolutely! I LOVE working with small groups. In fact, the ideal number of women required for a Walking Women Workshop is 6 to 12. If you have something else in mind, please get in touch and we’ll brainstorm it. Use our CONTACT page with the words Small Group in the subject line. Thank you!


Do you provide private coaching?

Yes. I provide private coaching for a very limited number of clients. Use the CONTACT form to get in touch with me if you’d like to discuss this option. Write PRIVATE COACHING in the subject line.

Will you speak at my women's book club?
Will you speak at my women’s church group?
Will you speak at my women’s business group?
Will you speak at my company’s Lunch & Learn?

Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes. Email me via our CONTACT page with the word SPEAK in the subject line and we'll talk it up.

Do you provide wellness programs to companies?

A complex answer. Yes and no. I deliver the Walking Works @ Work program (information and action steps) to Wellness Directors and HR Directors and collaborate with them to incorporate Walking Works @ Work (WW@W) into their already existing wellness programs. I love collaborating with companies to create healthier, happier workplaces. That being said, I do not provide wellness programs in the traditional sense. (That’s the no part.)

(Here’s the yes part.) However, I LOVE, absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with mompreneurs, female business owners, and solopreneurs on including Walking Works @ Works into their start-up or inserting WW@W into their existing small company. Again, I provide the WW@W program (information and action steps) and assist in developing a plan to incorporate the WW@W principles into the daily rhythm of the workplace. At this time, I provide this service for small companies only. My definition of small is not the U.S. SBA definition. My definition is 20 employees or less.

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What keynote topics do you cover?

I love sharing my passion for walking. Here's what I cover:

  • Talking My Walk
  • Walking Works at Work
  • The Truth About Women Walking

Please CONTACT me for details.

What's with the photos on this page?

Thought you'd NEVER ask! That's my soapbox. You know, in case I feel like talking about walking.