Just a few years ago I was in the absolute depths of a total life breakdown. Walking got me through divorce, unemployment, leaving my home and much more. Despite the mess my life was in, daily walking increased my strength and stamina, helped me lose weight, allowed me to problem solve and think more clearly--plus I was sleeping like a baby. Most telling for me was that I didn’t spiral into clinical depression during those years. That’s huge because I’ve suffered from depression since my teens.

I realized that if walking helped me become happier and healthier as I went through the darkest time of my life, it will definitely help you in your way-too-busy/crazy daily life! I was compelled to share my breakthrough, but how would I do that? Well, I went for a walk and . . . 1MWW bubbled up.

(FYI--walking increases creativity 60%!)

Writing in Paris.jpg

Prior to 1MWW becoming the work of my heart and soul, I’d been a strategic planner, author, entrepreneur, connector and researcher. Those skills and previous work experiences combined organically as I developed the 1MWW movement--mostly while I was walking. (I literally walked 1MWW into being!)  On these walks I also created my transformational step-by-step process: Six Steps To Your Happier, Healthier, Longer Life. The Six Steps are the heartbeat of each of the 1MWW Programs and the key that assures your success in transforming your life with 1MWW!

Here’s how we do this.

I’ll be your personal guide through the 1MWW Program you select. As we work our way through the Program, we co-create a walking plan that works for you right where you are, as you are, starting right now--today! I’m your cheerleader, BFF and the extra oomph you need to overcome your exercise obstacles once and for all. So let’s do this! Join 1MWW here!

My world traveling daughter Cate and your truly. On a winter walk in Wisconsin.

Wanna know who you’re walking with? Here’s the scoop on me:

When I’m not walking, or talking about walking, or walking my talk, I’m the co-founder and Executive Director of Transitions Equine, a 501c3 non-profit. We re-train retired thoroughbred racehorses (OTTB’s) for their next careers. (We're super cool--check us out!)

On any given day you’ll find me riding my OTTB Twilight Tui, laughing with friends and family, writing extremely marginal poetry, cooking (don’t care if it’s a cliche--I love kale!) and enjoying the occasional adult beverage--especially Australian wines. For some reason my friends describe me as “pathologically hopeful”. I will confess to my one terrible addiction: uncontrolled reading. Oh--and I hoard booksI’vegottaread. The book stack on my bedside table topples frequently. (Bonus knowledge: my secret fictional crush is Louise Penny’s Armand Gamache. I am so desperately in love.) Lastly you must know that my most important role on the planet is being the extremely proud mom of a world explorer. My daughter has visited or lived on five continents and she’s just getting started on her walk through life! South America and Antarctica are next on her bucket list . . .

My Daily Musts:

  • Morning coffee. Non-negotiable.
  • Meditate. Non-negotiable.
  • A walk, or two, or three . . . Non-negotiable.
  • Lots of water.
  • Reading time.
  • Writing time.
  • Family time.
  • Friend time.
  • Outdoor time. Non-negotiable.
  • The work I love: Helping you transform your life by walking. Non-negotiable.

Right here and right now, I give you permission to start looking and feeling your best AND living the happy, healthy, long life you so deserve.

If you're ready to:

  • Look your best.
  • Feel your best.
  • Be healthy.
  • Be happy.
  • Overcome your exercise obstacles once and for all.
  • Say buh-bye to the guilt and shame of not exercising.

Come work with me and walk with me.
Here’s how!